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How to Clear Cache on iPhone Safari

If you are an iPhone user and face the issues in which your iPhone’s performance has reduced, you can fix it quickly by clearing the Cache.
You will not find any facility on your iOS, which lets you clear Cache at one go. You will have to clear the browser cache on your iPhone for different apps in case they provide that feature.

If you wish to clear the Cache on your iPhone, follow the instructions given in the article. We will erase the Cache on Safari, which comes as the default browser for all iOS devices.

Clear Cache on iPhone from Safari browser

Upon clearing the Cache in your browser, you can eliminate the frustration like websites unable to load, etc.

  • For clearing the Cache, move to – settings—safari and then rap on – clear history & website data
iphone settings safari
  • Now, tap on – Clear History and Website Data one more time
clear history & website data
  • In case you are facing problems with a specific website, then head to settings—safari—advanced–website Data
iphone safari advanced
safari website data
  • Next, through search bar located right on the top, try to hunt for the site you are searching for. Once found, swipe left, then tap on – Delete. It will clear the Cache for a specific site.

That’s it you are done! All the cookies, caches, browsing data, browsing history will be cleared entirely from the Safari browser from your iPhone.

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