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How to Make Apple Music Playlists on a Mac

Willing to create an Apple Music playlist on your Mac?

  • Certainly, playlists are the best way to sort the collection of your songs together using different methods.
  • It will help you have a collection of the favorite songs or directly a playlist of songs that are connected to a particular event, occasions etc.
  • Making an Apple music playlist on your Mac is simpler than you think.
  • Let us learn the steps that help you make Apple playlists on your Mac. Remember the actions may change based on the mac OS version you possess.
  • In case you use Catalina or future version, you will have the latest Music app. 

Steps to make Apple Music playlist on your Mac

If you know the steps to build a playlist in Apple Music using the iPad/iPhone, then the process of creating a playlist on Mac would be quite easy for you.

  • On your Mac- expand – Music app. From the menu bar (on the Mac) click  – File
  • Now, highlight – New and then click on – Playlist 
  • Assign a name for the new playlist. Also, you can type in a description for the playlist 
  • There you go, you have now created an Apple Music playlist on your Mac
  • You can also remove a particular playlist that you do not use any more. Right-click on the file and click  – Delete from Library
  • Similarly you can also add songs to the playlist you have created only by dragging the songs from any locations and drop them onto the preferred playlist 

Creating an Apple Music Playlist with the help of iTunes on your Mac

Many of you may be using earlier macOS versions and have iTunes. Don’t worry as you can quickly build Apple Music playlists using iTunes as well.

  • Expand – iTunes and ensure that you select – Music from the dropdown menu.
  • Now, on your Mac expand – Music app and then from the list bar click on – File
  • Next, you need to highlight – New. Now, click – Playlist.
  • Now, allot a name to the newly created playlist and hit the key – Return.
  • As the fresh playlists are displayed under – Music Playlists instead of – Apple Music Playlists, they will not synchronize to different devices wherein you have signed in using your Apple ID.
  • Now, right-click any playlist and click on – Delete from Library for the songs you do not need anymore. 
  • Adding songs is also very simple. Just right-click the song and highlight – Add to Playlist and click the specific playlist you wish to add to.
  • Irrespective of using Apple Music via iTunes/Music app, you can easily enjoy your music collection 

Just like different Apple services available, if you make a playlist in Apple Music on your Mac and also own an iPhone/iPad, don’t worry it will synchronize automatically to all those devices as well.

Similarly, if you create a playlist for Apple music using iPhone/iPad, it will sync to your Mac.

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