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How to Modify Network Type from Public Network to Private Network in Windows 10

Windows provides some privileges to its users to choose the network type from private, public & domain when any new network gets attached to the PC. The two main network types are private & public utilized to alter a particular network connection. Also, if you want to change the network type say from public Network to private Network in your Windows 10, refer to the methods stated in this article.

First Method

Through HomeGroup 

  • Navigate to the path – Control Panel–Network & Internet–HomeGroup
control panel
  • In the search box type – homegroup and hit enter to look for “HomeGroup in the control panel. Now, click on it to expand – HomeGroup.
  • Click the link – “Change network location.”
change network location
  • It will expand a dialogue box to check – “do you want to allow your PC to be discoverable by other PCs and devices on this network?”
  • Just hit the button – Yes if you want to set the Network to work or home
public to private network

Next, move to – “Network & sharing “centre via control panel–Network & internet, here you can view Network has changed to – Private Network

Second Method

Windows registry editor

For experienced Windows 10 users, this method is going to work great for you and help you move between the public Network and private Network.

  • Press the following- Win + R which will open the box – Run and there type regedit. Now hit enter and then click on Yes for Registry editor to run 

Move to the below-mentioned key in the Registry Editor

“HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\NetworkList\Profiles”

Underneath Profiles key, you may find certain sub-keys. You need to select every key and search for ProfileNamekey towards the pane on the right hand.

You will be able to determine the network name and know the Network that you would like to change the type.

Now alter the Network which can be done by changing the value for category DWORD located on the right-hand pane. The value data is

  • Zero -Public Network, 
  • One – Private Network
  • Two – Domain network.

Now double click – Category, and it will enable you to alter the value data to one, and the connected Network will be private.

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