How to Rotate Photos on Mac with Photos App
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How to Rotate Photos on Mac with Photos App

  • In case you are using Photos app on your Mac to organize photo libraries, then you may often need to spin/rotate a picture from our photo collection.
  • Possibly, you clicked a photo in landscape mode (horizontal) and wanted it to be in portrait mode (vertical) or say you wanted to rotate a particular picture for any other reason.
  • From your Mac, rotating photos become more comfortable using the Photos app available on your Mac. Here is how you can do that

Learn to rotate a picture on your Mac using the Photos App

On your Mac- expand the Photos app, in case you didn’t do it in advance

  • Find out the image you wish to rotate and then choose- Photo
  • Now, check out for the rotate button in the Photos toolbar and then click on it to rotate the picture just once, anticlockwise
rotate photos
  • Also, click on the rotate button once again to rotate the image back. each time you click on the rotate button, the picture will switch 90° anticlockwise
  • Done! You don’t need to save the changes made. Nothing needs to be done further and your photo will be rotated in the Photos app immediately and will remain rotated to the mode you changed the picture to
  • Interestingly, this method helps you rotate multiple photos provided they are selected. So, technically rotating plenty of images is possible using the same techniques in the Photos app.

Steps to rotate an image in your Mac the Photos in the mode-Single Image view

  • You can also adopt yet another method to rotate any photo and view it immediately in the single image viewer mode embedded in Photos app on your Mac. 
  • Just check the button – Rotate from the toolbar and click it till the image gets rotated into the preferred mode.
  • Similar to how we did above, you don’t need to save any changes, and the image would be collected automatically. So, no manual work is required here.
  •  In case you have tried rotating photos on your iPad/iPhone then using Photos App for iPadOS, iOS would come naturally for you as it is the same process.

Well, there are different methods to rotate images on your Mac like

  • Rotating images in Preview on your Mac
  • Rotating several images with Preview
  • Rotating images using Finder on your Mac with the help of Quick Actions function in the latest releases of macOS

In case you do not utilize the Photos app for some reason, then several other options can help you rotate the pictures.

Not just the pictures, but even the media can be rotated. Yes, you can also rotate videos on your Mac easily with the help of iMovie, QuickTime, or a different video editing application. It means if you want to rotate a movie file that is possible too. Isn’t it amazing! Everything on your fingertips, all you need is to know the right method and features to be used on your Mac.

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