Turn Noise Cancellation On or Off with AirPods Pro
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How to Turn Noise Cancellation On or Off with AirPods Pro

AirPods Pro has three modes for noise control, and they are – Transparency Mode, Active Noise Cancellation, and OFF. You can switch between each of these options depending upon your preference to hear the noise. 

Apple offers a natural noise-canceling option in AirPods Pro. Here is how you can turn noise cancellation ON/OFF with AirPods Pro plugged into your ears and attach it to your iPhone:

Feel the music along the AirPods Pro stem and hold it down. Remember, do not tap it slightly; pause the audio track being played.

Now, you will hear a high-volume chime indicating that – Noise Cancellation has been switched OFF. Now, your AirPods land into – Transparency mode.
Just turn ON the noise cancellation back and repeat the steps. Once the noise cancellation is activated again, you will get to hear a low volume chime.

Use Control Center to turn noise cancellation on/off 

  • Using Control Center can also help you activate noise cancellation/ Transparency mode.
  • Open the -Control Center of your iPhone. 
  • Now, hold down the volume control, wherein you can find an icon indicating – AirPods Pro.
  • Now, right at the bottom, an option for – Noise Cancellation/ Transparency/OFF can be seen. Choose the one you need

Use Settings to turn OFF noise cancellation

  • In case you wish to change the settings for your AirPod Pro, you can use Settings App on your iPhone
  • Start – Settings App
  • Now, press- Bluetooth
  •  Next, tap on the icon – blue “i” (encircled)—besides the entry for your AirPods Pro.
  • Now, below- Noise control found in the appearing menu, you will find three different options 
  • Noise Cancellation/Transparency/OFF. Select the one you wish to go with.

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