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Setting Bing Daily Image as your Wallpaper in Windows 10

If you love those daily musical backgrounds available on Bing and want to get the daily image as the desktop background, then follow the method shown in this article to know how to set up Bing daily image as wallpaper in Windows 10.

To utilize the – Daily Picture app for setting up Bing Image as Windows 10 wallpaper follow the following steps:

  • Navigate to Start and hunt for – Windows/Microsoft store using through the search bar.
  • Press the enter button to select the topmost search result and your Window store will expand
  • Click on the button – Search present at the top right corner.
  • Search – Daily Picture App
  • Press – Enter from the keyboard and click on the button- Install 
  • It will start the installation process
  • Once the installation process is completed click on the button- Launch located at the top right corner/ inside confirmation box that is located at the bottom
  • It will open your – Daily Picture app 
  • After the app downloads completely, the app will start downloading the past week’s images from Bing.
  • If you wish to configure it, click the icon – settings 
  • You can toggle button to set up Bing Image as your lock screen/ desktop wallpaper.
  • Once you complete the above steps, Bing images automatically set up asyour desktop wallpaper/ lock screen or even both as per your selection of toggle button.

You can also use Bing Desktop installer to set up wallpaper or lockscreen as Bing image. You need to install the application to change the current desktop image at the background with that of Bing image. You can also choose to set your default search engine as Bing. It will help you enjoy having beautiful desktop images. 

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